Reasons To Sell Our Seaglass

Top Reasons To Sell Our SEAGLASS 

Color – SEAGLASS is available in the broadest spectrum of color. White Light offers (29) sumptuous colors, combined in (10) distinctive palettes, which echo fashion trends & include seasonable favorites. 

Wide Price Point – Purchase affordable styles that are simple and elegant, appealing to the impulse shopper. With White Light's diversity, your buyer can start with a single piece and quickly become a collector. And remember, each design is offered in multiple colors. 

Fond Memories of the Beach – Remember the thrill you experienced when you found that unbelievable smooth piece of SEAGLASS on the beach? Make that memory tangible and wearable by selling White Light's jewelry. Your client can also share those memories with loved ones by giving them the gift of SEAGLASS. 

Seaglass is a Touchable Gem – The frosty softness of SEAGLASS makes it impossible to stop fondling. It gains a luminous luster as it is worn. 

Handmade in America – White Light's jewelry is all produced in rural Downingtown , PA , in a studio on the banks of the Brandywine River . We take pride in using Old-World Craftsmanship in creating their numerous styles.  

Family Run Business – White Light is the quintessential “Mom & Pop Shop” – a husband and wife team that were childhood sweethearts, who designed their business and lives to become a happy world of "Art as Lifestyle". Carol & Mark Hall love to create something – every day. Today our daughter Rowan is becoming involved in selling our work at the trade shows. What could be better?  

Big Business with a Small Business Feel – White Light is proud to be one of the larger, more successful American Craft businesses in the United States. But rest assured – you can still talk directly to Carol & Mark at the studio and trade shows!  

Short Re-order Time – White Light can fill your order fast! Their average ship time is less than a week.

Special Attention to Seasonal Clients – Seasonal Clients are faced with a problem – sell as much merchandise as possible in a short window of time, based on weather and tourism trends. White Light Productions understands your needs, and will work to get you product with a proven sales record on the date you need it. This can be made easy, by utilizing 'Placeholders".

Placeholders – Reserve your ship dates early by using “Placeholders”. This is a special system, unique to White Light, which allows you to anticipate your needs through your busiest season, imaging your best possible sales scenario, and putting ship dates on White Light's production calendar accordingly. That way, Carol, Mark and you are all aligned to work toward strong future sales. Placeholders can be for dollar amounts only and can be moved or cancelled, but will confirm that you have a guaranteed spot on White Light's schedule to receive jewelry, with no delays.

ECO-Friendly – White Light still utilizes rare antique glass in the creation of their uniquely humorous Cola Bracelets (made from real antique soda bottles). They have been inspired for 30 years of finding glass from unlikely sources – from recycling bins & antique markets to hot-glass studios in France.

Glass Jewelry (an ancient tradition) – Glass has been used for centuries in the creation of fantastic adornments. It is extremely hard and yet delicately luminous. Cleopatra donned glass jewelry as she glided on her barge down the Nile River . Carol & Mark have, in their private jewelry collection, a prized Sumerian Seal that was carefully made by an artisan over 6000 years ago, and has stood the test of time.

Unusual Designs – Designers, Carol & Mark Hall, each have vastly different artistic backgrounds. This powerful combination sparks tremendous creativity that can be witnessed in the beautiful SEAGLASS designs they produce.

Sterling – Most of our SEAGLASS jewelry is created using Sterling Silver, an enduring metal that will last a lifetime. It takes on a lovely patina as worn, or can be easily kept brilliantly clean with silver cleaner.

Alternative Metal - We over several sets in base metal to extend the appeal of SEAGLASS to all customers. Our Silver Plate Jewelry is noted by "/SP", Nickel by "/N" and Nickel Plated Brass by "/NB"

Easy Ordering – White Light's award winning website ( allows you to order SEAGLASS Jewelry from the comfort of your store or home. Extensive collections of fashion photos show the beauty a piece of SEAGLASS can imbue on its wearer. Client log-ons allow verified buyers access to wholesale pricing. Keystone-plus pricing (for retail viewing) keeps there from being in conflict with your in-store pricing. Their nine Sales Reps would love to help you within their territories, or you can always call the studio to speak with White Light directly. You can also meet Carol & Mark at any of the Wholesale Trade Shows we participate in.

Styles for Every Mood – White Light offers a huge array of styles with many different sets. All of their designs can complement each other when the colors are coordinated. Some SEAGLASS jewelry designs have been in the line for over 30 years, and are proven bestsellers. New designs are offered each year for a fresh, fashion-forward look. White Light will gladly make your job easier by putting together a collection of best selling SEAGLASS Jewelry, in your price points, especially for you. They are fabulous colorists and will tailor choices to your client's preferences.

Great Gifts – SEAGLASS is unique - no two shards are alike. This makes each piece of SEAGLASS jewelry unlike any other, and easy to give as gifts. Your client's presents will be distinctive, not only because of the variety of colors, but because each lustrous piece of glass can tumble into an infinite number of shapes. They can share their favorite SEAGLASS design with a friend, knowing it will be a bit different from their own!

Collect! – Your buyers can move up White Light's line - from simple, delicate earrings to fluttery, dynamic, “More is More” pieces, like Cluster Necklaces. White Light offers SEAGLASS styles at all price points.

We are the Original “SEAGLASS” – White Light has been making their incredible SEAGLASS jewelry for over 27 years. When they started, they coined the word SEAGLASS as their own way to express what most knew as “beach glass” or “mermaid's tears”. Now the term “SEAGLASS” has entered the mainstream. Yes, there is other beach glass jewelry out there – why wouldn't their beautiful work be copied? But no one offers designs as extraordinary as White Light Productions' SEAGLASS Jewelry.