Why a FAQ?
These are the quick questions and even quicker answers.

Who are we? Where are you located?
Are we green?

How long have you been doing this?

Can I visit your shop?

Do you do lectures?

Can I work for you?
Can I model for you?

Can I return it?


What's this about a law that earrings aren't returnable?

How do I pay?

Can I use Paypal?
Is my credit card safe?
Do you do special orders?

Do You offer sales?

Do You sell on Ebay?

What is Seaglass?
Is it real Seaglass
How Seaglass made?

How do you put holes in it?

Will it break?
How many colors are there
Will the color rub off?

How is yours different.

How do I choose color?

What do you mean by palettes?

Why are the names the same?

My colors look different than yours?
Alexandrite changes colors?
Funny story about Alexandrite.
How to clean your jewelry
Can I buy wholesale?

What metal do you use?

Who are we?

White Light Productions is owned by Carol and Mark Hall, a husband and wife who were high school sweethearts. Its not icky, as we saw lots of other people while we were away at college. We work together 24 -7 and have been married for 33 years. We have a daughter Rowan Hall who is 26. Return to top

Are weGreen?

The simple answer is yes! However it is not enough to simply say you are, the proof is in the doing. Check out our Green Mission Statment for the long answer and maybe get some ideas on what you can do. Return to top

Where are you located?

We live in Downingtown PA, which is the edge of civilization. Our town can support 7 sushi restaurants but we are just a couple of miles from Amish country. Our house is a mid-century modern house built 1947 that overlooks a pond and three streams. We will never finish renovating it. Our studio is brand new and overlooks the same pond.

How long have you been doing this?

We have been making Seaglass Jewelry for 30 years. Return to top.

Can I visit your shop?

Absolutely not -- It's an insurance thing. We promised them that there wouldn't ever be any customers. It freaks them out to think of civilians around while we break Seaglass. Return to top.

Do you do Lectures?

We have, we also work with the local Girl Scout Troops giving them a demonstration and letting them make their own piece of Seaglass Jewelry. It earns them a badge and we get lots of Girl Scout Cookies. So if you are local give us call. Return to top.

Can I work for You?

Maybe, if you can close a jump ring. Don't laugh we have had graduates from jewelry college that couldn't. The key requirement is skill with hand tools. Our Seaglass Jewelry is all cold connections no soldering involved. We hire 3-4 people for summer work. We usually hire 1 person each year to replace members of our permanent staff. We look for fun, hardworking and self motivated workers. Return to top.

Can I model for you?

Sure, we have a great deal for our models - all the Seaglass Jewelry you use in the shoot. All of our models are amateurs. They have a great time, get great Seaglass Jewelry and copies of all the pictures. Plus we even pay them. Give us a call.Checkout the press photos under Wholesale on the top menu bar. Return to top.


Can I return it?

We offer our retail clients a no questions asked 30 day return policy. Just call or email for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), box it up and send it back. You get a full credit for the Seaglass Jewelry you just pay shipping. Return to top.


We offer a no questions asked repair policy for 90 days. After That we repair at a nominal charge plus shipping. Return to top.

What's this about a law that earrings aren't returnable?

Most states have health laws that states earrings are not returnable. The reason being that they went through your body. Large stores either ignore this or eat the loss. At White Light Productions we manufactured the Seaglass Jewelry ourselves. We take back you earring and break it down and the Sterling is sold as scrap. Facts are we only have a few returns a year. Its worth the loss for the gain in customer satisfaction. Return to top.

How do I pay?

At checkout there is the normal field for entering credit card information. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Return to top.

Can I use Paypal?

There is a PAYPAL option at checkout right next to The Visa and Mastercard option. Return to top.

Is my credit card safe?

We guard your credit number very carefully. You have the same rights as when you shop by mail-order. If the thought of the Internet freaks you out, call us and give your number to a live person. Return to top.


Do you do special orders?

Generally not. We offer 200 different styles of Seaglass Jewelry in 29 colors that works out to a number so big it wouldn't fit on this page. However, if its a special occasion or a bridal thing - call and then maybe. Return to top.

Do you offer sales?

Yes, join our mailing list. We have specials for the major holidays. We also have some great deals around September as we gear up for the new model year and phase out the old model. Most of our business is wholesale so we can't send our clients Seaglass Jewelry that doesn't match the colors in the current years catalog. You the consumer benefit. Return to top.

Do you sell on Ebay?

Sometimes, in September when we phase out a style it might wind up on Ebay. Recently we have started putting specials on Facebook. Return to top.


We have a facebook page.  Seaglass by White Light Productions Return to top.


Please follow Carol on Twitter. We announce special sales, Studio closing or other important things. Return to top.

Can I buy wholesale?

Yes, if you are a store or other retailer. Give us a call and open an account. Return to top.


What is Seaglass?

It doesn't matter what you call it, Seaglass or Beachglass whether you spell it as one word or two. Sea Glass and Beach Glass is the name given to glass that is tumbled smooth by the waves and washes up on the beach. Fancy name for pollution. We had one customer call it Mermaid's Tears. Return to top.

Is it real Seaglass?

To us it is. When we started 30 years ago, Mark being from New England called it Sea Glass. However living in New Jersey they called it Beach Glass. We decided to make it one word (Seaglass) to differentiate our product from the generic term. We always were explaining that it wasn't a spelling mistake (Knowing Mark it could have been a spelling mistake). Our first pieces were made from ocean produced Sea Glass. Today we make in our studio and everyone knows what Seaglass is. Return to top.


How is Seaglass made?

We buy sheet glass from stained glass supplier's or slightly damaged antique glassware and break it. Then it is spins in a rock tumbler doing in 1 day what it takes the ocean several years to do. We do it without polluting the ocean. Return to top.


How do you put holes in it?

The holes are drilled with diamond drill bits in a flex shaft tool. Care must be used to not crack the glass. Return to top.

Will it Break?

Yes it's glass jewelry, if you drop Waterford breaks so does Seaglass Jewelry. More importantly it is not fragile. Glass is a wonderful material about 7.5 on the hardness scale. Our glass has been banging around in tumblers for days, any breakage of the pieces would have already happened. Glass will break if a stress line cracks - stick it in your freezer the temperature change will cause any hidden stress lines to fracture. Really it will, just remember to take your jewelry off first. Return to top.

How many colors are there?

We currently use 41 colors for our Seaglass Jewelry. People using "found" sea glass are limited to the colors that bottles were made from, with occasional red and blue pieces. We initially made our jewelry from recycled antique glass. Return to top.


Will the color rub off?

No, the glass is colored by adding trace minerals to it at time of manufacture. There are others who do dye glass but we don't. Return to top.


How is yours different from you competitors?

We think we our Seaglass Jewelry offers the widest possible price point and design selection. We also offer unparalleled customer service. We have been selling Seaglass Jewelry for 27 years and on the Internet since 1995. Return to top.

How do I choose color?

When you order a piece of Seaglass Jewelry there is a swatch box.  Click the color you wish and then add to your cart. Return to top.

What do you mean by palettes?

Other than earrings most of our Seaglass Jewelry comes with many pieces of glass in various colors. Up to 6 different colors in fact. Being trained Artists we have organized them into pleasing color combinations called palettes. We even name them.  Return to top.

Why are the palette names the same?

If you choose a Seaglass bracelet with 6 pieces and a Seaglass necklace that has 5 pieces they will match if you choose the same palette for each. Return to top.

My colors look different than your?

Lots of reason, your monitor may be different, The lighting on you monitor may be different. Seaglass colors also look different under indoor lighting - more reddish, outdoors - more bluish. Glass is also made in dye lots and there is a difference between lots. We work hard and making sure our colors are a good approximation of what your Seaglass Jewelry will look like. Return to top.


Alexandrite changes colors?

Alexandrite glass is named after the mineral. What is unique about the glass is the trace elements are perfectly balanced between red and blue. In indoor lighting the glass looks like a beautiful rich purple, under sunlight it looks like a delightful blue. Our Seaglass Jewelry is always pictured with it in its purple form. Return to top.

Funny story about Alexandrite?

On a Thursday morning we received an hysterical phone call from a woman who was furious. She had bought a Seaglass Necklace from one of our stores in New England. It was a beautiful purple color to match her Mother-Of-The-Bride dress. When she got home and unpacked it was blue and didn't match her dress at all. The store refused to replace the piece as they told her it would change colors. We were met with "how dare we make a product that changed, she was going to sue if we didn't replace it".

Carol fortunately took that call, and calmly explained that Alexandrite was made to change colors under different lighting. Further, that it was more expensive than gemstones. If the woman would just look at the jewelry under interior lighting - not sunlight or office fluorescents it would be just as she expected.

The woman wasn't having any of it. She demanded we replace it with another. We agreed but only after we received the original.

Strangely enough we never got her Seaglass necklace back. Our bet is she did take it home and the light bulb in her head finally clicked on. Can't you just hear her at the wedding, My Seaglass Necklace is made from rare Alexandrite glass that changes colors ... Return to top.

How to clean your jewlery

Seaglass seems to attract dust and dirt just the way your good glasses due, despite being in a closed cabinet. To clean the glass use any dishwashing soap. The Sterling will tarnish, many find the they like the beautiful patina it achieves. If that's not you -dunk it in a Sterling cleaner. We use Tarnax brand. Make sure to follow the directions. All that is required is a second or two of dunking and then a thorough rinsing. Then rinse again just to be sure. WARNING NEVER PUT REAL PEARLS IN STERLING CLEANERS.
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What metal do your use

For the most part everything is Sterling Silver. It's easy to tell by the code, anything ending in "/S" is Sterling Silver. In 2011 we have added other materials to help make Seaglass affordable in the face of huge silver costs. Silver Plate will be noted as "/SP", Nickel by "/N", Leather by "/NB".  Return to top.